*** YOPE rhymes with SOAP — after all, we began with soap!

Enter the reign of fun and cute animated figures that will boost your mood while caring for your skin and your home.

It all began with washing our hands! Because hand washing is a serious matter.

YOPE is a way to turn a task that we carry out so many times a day into something fun and pleasurable.

The YOPE selection includes body cosmetics as well as unique, gentle kitchen products and cleaning agents. Hand soap suitable for children and sensitive skin as well as aromatic candles are our novelties. This is not all. YOPE is constantly developing – we create new, universal products, which make every day better and turn ordinary moments into unique and pleasant ones thanks to their simple functions.

The world of YOPE knows no boredom!

Being parents, we are very aware of the fact that very young skin requires extra care. Even a daily bath can dry out and damage it. Therefore, products that are used on children’s skin need to be extraordinarily delicate, natural and most importantly, safe. We have succeeded in combining all three criteria. As a result, we have come up with a skin care range for children 3 years +, that will take care of their skin, providing maximum protection from drying and damaging it.

YOPE stands out on three key points:

  • In excess of 90 per cent of the ingredients are natural, with no addition of parabens, SLS, SLES, PEG or silicones.
  • The scents are carefully selected, interesting and lasting. For example ginger, sandalwood, fig, bamboo, carnation and sage.
  • On any shelf, these products are eye catching.

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Why are YOPE products so unique and extraordinary?

The look: this is a universe created by means of animation and drawings – animals are looking at you from the YOPE product labels. They will look decorative when sitting in your home, and make you smile when you use them.

The smell: you will get to know unobvious and sophisticated fragrance compositions. Sometimes they are very simple, like verbena, fig or French lavender, and sometimes they are multi-layer, like boswellia and rosemary or coconut and mint. Each product series contains three fragrances, so that everyone finds something they like best.

Testing: creating a new product is a very long process. We are looking for the right texture and select the ingredients carefully. When you discover YOPE products and their properties, you will see that they are gentle and pleasant on the skin; they care for your skin and pamper you. This is all possible due to formulas finished in all details. They are composed of more than 90% of natural ingredients of the highest quality. In our products, you will not find ingredients, which are potentially harmful, and so the soaps are suitable for children and anyone with sensitive skin.

YOPE is a Polish brand established in 2013. The underlying idea was to create original, natural cosmetics. The products are available in all major outlets in Poland, but also in Italy, Spain, Great Britain, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia, Romania, Holland and Hungary.

Not in any of those countries but want to get your hands on skin-friendly YOPE? Check out YOPE’s extensive list of online retailers to see how. Follow YOPE Polska or YOPE International for updates in English.

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