2 different settings, 2 different concepts, 2 different experiences, 1 place – MOD

10am-5pm: If you arrive at mod-in-the-day, you cannot miss the smell of freshly prepared MOD donuts, the scent of freshly brewed coffee, chocolate glazes, hibiscus jams, vanilla custards, freshly squeezed juices and all things sweet. No better way to start your day. (PLUS Ramen for lunch with house-made noodles!)

Every Monday we do VEGAN donuts!

5pm-12am: Whether you are alone and sitting by the bar, sipping your glass of Martini, on a romantic date eating Magret de Canard or with your group of friends slurping Ramen (also vegan!), MOD-after-5 is the place to sit back and chillax (and of course EAT!).

The single most important thing is the relationship with the plate of food that is in front of you. At that moment, everything else becomes inconsequential. It is not predominantly about the space, the table cloths, the service or even the chef. Here at MOD, we strip everything down to the bare minimum just to emphasise what is important. Let it be the main character and let it speak the truth. For what it represents, food is, and will always be, the hero. #foodalwayswins

MOD Donuts in Warsaw was recommended by environmental activist and influencer Areta Szpura and minimalist fashion blogger Daria Gora .

Follow MODDonuts @moddonuts and on Facebook to keep up with their vegan, handmade, gourmet and 100% artisan doughnut creations, and be sure to add Mad Over Donuts to your list of must-taste destinations in Warsaw. You’re welcome!

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