Since its beginnings in 1831, the famous porcelain manufacturer has been dedicated to supplying only porcelain of the highest quality.

Back then, as now, products had to be functional but also have a clear artistic appearance. Kristoff is one of not many remaining manufacturers who are still determined to produce traditional, hard feldspar porcelain with outstanding properties, even though market tendencies call for replacing traditional raw materials with more cost-efficient ones. Kristoff exports to more than 80 countries worldwide, including to world-famous stockists. The company oversees every aspect of quality control; from the initial design stages to production preparation, production processes for every single type of item to packaging and shipment. All raw materials are scrutinized before being accepted for production, because only when using the very best materials available, is it possible to achieve an outcome that satisfies the highest of standards.

Kristoff does not limit its rigorous and systematic quality control to its products but to the entire production process, and strives to ensure that all aspects of the organisation’s operations are as gentle to the natural environment as possible.

Porcelana Kristoff was established in the 18th century but has a perspective into tomorrow. The company remains contemporary through collaborations with award-winning artists from different fields. Designers and artists contribute to Kristoff’s ranges by adding their distinctive marks to highly notable porcelain collections.

                         Among the contributing artists are Magda Pilaczyńska // White Breakfast, Alicja Patanowska // PLANTACJA                                               and fashion designer Ania Kuczyńska // X Kristoff.

The PLANTACJA collection has received numerous international awards. The collection consists of four individually sold and packaged porcelain components. They fit standard drinking glasses, designed for hydroponic plant cultivation – using only water, no soil. Growing plants this way makes it possible to observe both stems and roots as the plant develops. Hydroponic plants are praised for their abilities to absorb harmful gases and substances, as their roots absorb those substances more than leaves do. Hydroponic plants offer not only the joy of cultivating something yourself and watching it grow, but is also in itself a great advantage to the indoor climate.

PLANTACJA creates the ideal environment for plant cuttings. Take an unneeded glass and cover it with one of the four available PLANTACJA shapes, add the seed or cutting, fill the glass with water and enjoy your very own plant nursery. By turning one of the components upside-down, it will work as a mini-greenhouse for growing sprouts.

The use of all images and logo is courtesy of Porcelana Krzysztof Sp. z o.o.

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