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We present a hand-picked selection of cool, contemporary and cosmopolitan talents, designs and places made in Poland.

Kosmopolsk is intended to inspire you by showing the best of fashion, design, beauty, and destinations. Kosmopolsk celebrates Polish fashion designers and artists both in Poland and abroad.

Kosmopolsk was born out of a need for somewhere to keep up with contemporary Polish ideas and talents. It is a site for you to browse contemporary designs and perhaps rethink Poland. We hope you will be inspired to visit, see, admire, taste and relate.

Kosmopolsk is a play on the Scandinavian words for cosmopolitan and Polish. Polish design and brands can easily compare with contemporary international standards. Many of them are organic, vegan, fair trade, sustainable and generally planet-friendly.

Behind the scenes, Kosmopolsk connects Polish and Scandinavian brands. We also work B2B with companies and industries that are not listed here. If you are on either end of a collaboration-seeking business, we can connect you.

We like showing off cool stuff made in Poland. Thank you for your support and enjoy Kosmopolsk!


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The material on this site may only be used stating the source clearly, using #kosmopolsk, and upon agreement with Kosmopolsk.