Jasiński is a graphic design graduate from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where the subject of his thesis was ‘the deformation of the human body in modern art’. His illustrations prove that with his schooling in graphic design, he is comfortable working with ink and pencil, but greatly appreciates and commands the vibrancy and depth offered by oil paints. The body is an ongoing theme in Jasiński’s artwork, as the body and its deformations continue to fascinate him. His evocative paintings are strikingly vibrant and dramatic, not least in his interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Virtues.


The illustrator, graphic designer and painter explains ‘colour always is and has been the most important element of my paintings. I like strong, energetic colours and tend to contrast them with flat areas of colour. When I paint, it is more like the colour takes over my heart and directs me than the other way around. I paint from the bottom of my heart, follow my instinct, it is like my brush becomes a part of my body. Every painting represents a few days of my life, the mood I was in.’


Jasiński also paints portraits and accentuates his subject’s facial features with his masterly application of colour and shadows. Jasinski’s works are part of private collections around the world. His talent and energy have secured him a place among the best contemporary Polish artists. Once based in Kuwait, he now lives in Portugal. Jasiński actively promotes Polish art and culture abroad, and curates exhibitions to give other artists a chance to showcase their work. Some of his works pay tribute to his Polish extraction by adding certain typical Polish references. Regional costumes, traditional regional folk art, and poppies, the floral symbol of Poland, adorn some of his artwork.

See Dominik Jasinski’s artwork by visiting DagmaArt Gallery in Katowice, where Jasinski’s art, which is not in private collections or on loan, is part of a permanent exhibition of contemporary Polish artists. Otherwise, discover more of his illustrations, drawings, paintings and available commercial art at and follow him on Instagram.

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