Talented, young designer full of sparkly ideas and ambition

Her work has already been featured in various magazines and worn on stage by performing artists in Poland. Her designs are noticed, and she does not let usual conventions on what is wearable hold her back. On the contrary, she is a bosslady who eats glitter for breakfast and sparkles all day. Filip works alongside her mother on building her velvety, Wes Anderson-inspired dream. Her mother takes over, when the designer feels she is not able herself; when the design needs to be brought to life. Filip does not consider herself talented when it comes to needles and threads. In an Instagram post, Filip expressed that although “the worst student ever, I kind of miss all those school days”, her former school replied to her: You were one of the best @filiplaura_ ?❤❤❤❤

After reading the insight into designer Laura Filip’s world below, you too will be cheering for her to go all the way. Best of luck, Laura!

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My biggest dream since I can remember is to open a place just for women…

…for women of any age, size and shape, for the broken-hearted, for the ones in love, for the tall ones, for the small ones, for mothers, grandmothers, daughters, singles, business-women, party-tigers, the shy ones, and the outgoing ones. In this place they would be all welcome to exchange with each other. There they shouldn’t be rivals, and they would, laugh, talk, drink, give and get advice. Talk about fashion, love, fabrics, colours, dress shapes, silhouettes, shoes, bras…

You can come to this place sad, with dirty hair, broken fingernails, hungry, with a big chaos in your mind and leave itwell-groomed and happy. Everything you will need to look good again and feel better, you will find there. There would be hairdressers, cosmetic ladies, stylists, seamstresses, a bar with tasty and healthy snacks and cocktails, a boutique with clothes for every taste and size.

The reason I write about “that place” is because I´m about to fulfil my dream, together with my mom, and open a studio where all this is possible.

My mum is a master seamstress, a perfectionist and the best dressmaker ever. Without her my designs wouldn´t exist, because even if I found someone who sews as well as she does (which is almost impossible), I could never ever afford to pay that person.

I have to admit that I am pretty bad at sewing. I finished a college for tourism with an a-level, and worked as a waiter for a long time, also in combination with school and studies. I did a fashion-styling course, training in colour, styling and image consulting and studied fashion design in Cracow.

I like not to take myself, the world and my designs very serious. That’s why I like to play with colours, fabrics, and quotes. I like stuff that is shiny, full of sequins, fluffy and fun, and I love kitsch.
Nevertheless, all my designs have to be sewn well and professionally. My heart bleeds when I see slipshod-sewn designer clothes. I want to give my customers more quality and guaranty that they can wear the piece more often than once.

During my studies in Cracow, I discovered that I have absolutely no talent for sewing, so my mum helped me to give my designs life. While we worked on my collections, we figured out that we are a pretty good team and invented a business plan to make “the place” in Vienna. After 3 years of planning and building our concept store, out of an old Chinese Restaurant, in August, we finally managed to open the first part of our future empire, namely an atelier. Right now our two seamstresses are working on designs for our boutique and evening gowns, that women can rent for one evening. From September, our beauty technician is ready to make eyelash-extentions, manicure and pedicure.

I am a big fan of all the Wes Anderson movies, especially ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’. That’s why the interior of our concept store looks very Wes Anderson-like. We have pastel coloured walls, pastel-pink-velvet sofas, golden frames with my achievements on the wall and golden details.

In my bar, I want to sell pastel-coloured cocktails and coffee in sweet, pink cups. I am also looking for a confectioner, who will make me pastel candies, cakes, and pastry.

It will still take us a long time to create “the place” in which every woman feels good and wants to be. But being here and working in my own company to fulfil my dreams, makes me the happiest girl on earth. I wish every person to dare making their dreams come true.

Wondering how Laura Filip’s dream place is turning out? Sneak peek below 🙂

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And here it is, designer Laura Filip’s dream in the making

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