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  • Pawel Zukowski Polish art gay wood gold foil goldenboys 06 male

Origami Provocateur PAWEŁ ZUKOWSKI Queer art is still a niche in Poland. Although this artist has numerous exhibitions in his bio, the theme of his works is a constant target of criticism, [...]

ARKADIUSZ WOŁEK This Wrocław-based artist has a talent for depicting fate and life through photography. // This work was created in a moment of great loneliness. It depicts Mr. Kazimierz [...]

DOMINIK JASIŃSKI Jasiński is a graphic design graduate from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where the subject of his thesis was ‘the deformation of the human body in modern art’. His [...]

PORCELANA KRISTOFF Since its beginnings in 1831, the famous porcelain manufacturer has been dedicated to supplying only porcelain of the highest quality. Back then, as now, products had to be functional but [...]