This Wrocław-based artist has a talent for depicting fate and life through photography.

// This work was created in a moment of great loneliness.

It depicts Mr. Kazimierz Wojnowski, the owner of a small toy store in Wrocław. A great human in a small shop. He runs his own foundation helping kids. Recently, Wrocław honored Mr. Kazimierz with his own figurine, which stands by his now closed shop. //

Wołek tells stories through his lens.

The abandoned site of a catastrophic event will send shivers down your spine in the photo series Czarnobyl. But it will also make you pause, wonder and perhaps add a visit to Chernobyl to your bucket list. Because that’s what Wołek does: He captures and intrigues.

The use of all photographs is courtesy of Arkadiusz Wołek. Thank you!

Don’t miss out on his photo documentary of a double wedding. Especially the first 100 photos (yes, it’s a documentary of an entire day), documenting the brides’ preparations, the groom and his best man getting ready, will leave you feeling privileged to be invited behind the scenes of the most important day of someone’s life.

If this has sparked your interest, or if you are looking for someone to document your wedding day and you enjoy his style, be sure to stop by his page.

For wedding photography go to, for other projects, switch to his 273 Studio or follow Arkadius Wołek @arkadiuszwolek 

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