The plant kingdom is vaster than any other. It provides infinite fuel for the imagination. ORSKA has already grown strong roots and leaves, so naturally, here comes full bloom. Anna Orska chose a dozen or so species of flowers for her collection PLANTIS. Among them are classics of the Polish landscape, such as common poppy, rape and cherry blossom, and more exotic species, featuring orchid, freesia and fuchsia. She transformed sketches into paper models, which she then cut out of an even sheet of metal and bolted together using clockmaker’s bolts. In this way, numerous species of earrings, brooches, and necklaces open up their petals to us. It is no coincidence that this blossoming period occurs in the fall. While it is a great pleasure to enjoy living plants in summer, ORSKA has made it possible to wear them throughout the year.

 If romance leads to a wedding, PLANTIS is the perfect collection to consider for the modern bride’s accessories. Orska’s men’s collections ensure that the groom has plenty of options for looking his best on his big day, too, with pieces to suit most tastes and occasions. See some of the men’s accessories below.

When Kosmopolsk featured Anna Orska’s designs in an earlier post, we showed selections of the Thuja, Bery and Apis collections, which are also Orska’s versions of wearable nature, but crafted differently and more delicatelyOrska also has a playful and romantic side. Her Love collection was inspired by the feeling of lightness and elevation of being in love. Orska has interpreted that sensation into pieces of jewellery. Hearts, balloons and sweets convey that feeling.

Se Orska’s complete collections and try them on at Stary Browar in Poznan, Zielone Arkady in Bydgoszcz or Mysia 3 in Warsaw, which offers a shopping experience recommended by Daria Gora. Orska’s works are also available in Berlin and Palma de Mallorca.

Treat yourself or someone you love at and follow her on @orska_official

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